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Favourite UK cities

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I like Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, Cardiff. Bournemouth is good but I still don't think of it as a city, more a resort.

We have also spent some pleasant weekends in smaller places like Norwich, Peterborough, Hull, Shrewsbury, not all cities but enjoyable for a break.

I find places like Edinburgh, London etc a bit too much. Had a brilliant time when we went to Glasgow but that might have been because the Commonwealth Games were on but people were so friendly. Total contrast to Edinburgh. 

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London/  Loved living there, so easy to get around. Winter Wonderland after work.

Edinburgh/  We we’re going to live there this year😩 Hogmanay, Loony Dook with a hangover 

York/  Always go there when we come over

Inverness/. Strolling the River Ness, Culloden

Belfast/  We’d only been to RI but got talked into going there by a couple of paddy’s at work. Great pubs, if only I could understand what they’re saying.

Granton on Spey/  Missus is a Grant, whiskey trails, snow in the Cairngorms

Oxford/  Uni (missus teaches English and History) nice town to walk around

Brighton/  The pier, strolling through the old town

Derby/  Family, the little back bar at the Olde Bell, clearing the dance floor at Jorrocks

Dryburgh/  Staying at the Abbey on a cold clear January day, the food

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Bath and Durham are good, Norwich and Perth too.

York I didn't really get the hype about when I went.

For pretty much every large city in the UK the bad outweighs the good for me. London excepted as you can more easily avoid the crap bits.




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Obvs ones I like. Edinburgh, York, Chester, London.

Surprised I like them. Portsmouth, Hull, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool.

Indifferent to (ok). Nottingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham.

Thought I would like them more, Oxford, Manchester.

Drive past and do not leave the vehicle; Stoke, Plymouth, Bradford. 

Not UK, but surprised how disappointed I was with Dublin from layout, architecture etc. Bars were good but other than that poor. 

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I'm a country boy at heart, so prefer the smaller & older cities like:

Lincoln, Chester, Cambridge, York

I've always enjoyed weekend breaks in London & Edinburgh but a couple of days at a time is plenty for me in the big cities.

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1 hour ago, Dean (hick) Saunders said:


Interesting one.

Love the naval dock yard frontage etc, some great old boozers

But the city centre is split into three - 

Nice uni area

All the cash has gone down to the new shopping area, gunwharf quays - loads of brand stores, very nice

Old city centre .... awful ... its still 1973 there


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Birmingham is lovely but I hate going.

I know I’m biased but Sheffield is a great place to live.

Derby city council have spoilt Derby with roads and cameras unfortunately.

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