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The UEFA European Championship 2020 Thread


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38 minutes ago, Shuff264 said:

I'd have stayed with a back 4, but the threat from Germany's wing backs is real and we need to plan for it

It's absolutely the front 3 I'd have picked, Sterling and Saka are the wingers who offer the most defensively which will be needed when dealing with the wing backs

After yesterdays games, England being boring and going through 1-0 would be fantastic

Back four would have known what they were doing.

You might get your wish mind...

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Here we go, Rio.

Everyone else's problem Kane can't get on the ball. 

Try, I dunno, moving? Running? A fast jog once in a while?

He plays like he's guaranteed a spot. Like he's proven. 

Why is Cristiano Ronaldo still proving himself? Doesn't he know he can just jog around hoping for the perfect chance. 

Well done everyone else

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I'd take Kane off right now, he's offered nothing so far during the tournament and he fluffed his golden chance right on HT.

England are to slow and negative, Germany aren't offering much, we've got 45 mins to believe in ourselves and go for the win. 

Grealish and Rashford on for me, right now. 

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