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The UEFA European Championship 2020 Thread


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4 minutes ago, Mostyn6 said:

You’re quoting ITKs and ‘Banter’ accounts to justify bad grammar! 🤦🏻‍♂️

Also quoted the UEFA website meta data!

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Posted (edited)
5 minutes ago, Spanish said:



Aye I know, I was being silly, preempting the next daft debate/argument. Apologies, it wasn't clear.

Edited by Coconut
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26 minutes ago, DarkFruitsRam7 said:

It's actually the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship.

Go do something useful, find yourself a girlfriend. 

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On 01/06/2021 at 17:25, Premier ram said:

walker is very comfortable in a back 3 , would of took Watkins but agree with the rest

I just hope Walker is never anywhere the team. The man is a bottler. Never more than 10 seconds away from punching or catching the ball in a big game, or giving away a penalty. He's done it all through his career. Baffling, but on the big stage he does extraordinarily stupid things to cost his team the game. Very disappointed he's made the cut.

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