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The UEFA European Championship 2020 Thread


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4 minutes ago, DarkFruitsRam7 said:

4 right backs sounds horrible, but I imagine it will essentially be two RBs and two RCBs.

am presuming Trippier and walker will be the RCBs as that was my first initial thought. 

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Posted (edited)
2 minutes ago, Leeds Ram said:

am presuming Trippier and walker will be the RCBs as that was my first initial thought. 

I'd say James and Walker RCBs, Trippier and Trent RBs. Although it obviously doesn't have to be as defined as that.

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"Gareth Southgate says if he could have picked five or six right-backs for England's European Championship campaign he "would have done".

Boss Southgate has named four right-backs in his 26-man squad for this summer's tournament...

Southgate said his squad consists of the "best 26 footballers". BBC

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The best 26 footballers do not necessarily mean the best team. 

How many years and attempts at shoehorning Lampard Gerrard and Scholes into the England team bear witness? 

Oh well, be interesting to see what he puts out. I will give Southgate credit that he's shown in the past, and in this squad selection, that he doesn't hang on to players for old times sakes. 

No dier, barkley, Alli or lingard. 

Harsh I thought on ward Prowse and Watkins. 

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10 hours ago, DarkFruitsRam7 said:

1) Get rid of the apostrophe, @David.


8 hours ago, AndyinLiverpool said:

That apostrophe is bugging the hell out of me.


Oh I don't know.

A whole thread dedicated to my all time favourite holiday coin...



Thoroughly deserved too, I say. 

I might start another for the 50€ Note.  How annoying are they, when you only spend 9 on a menu del dia!    😲

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Gareth Southgate interview from yesterday... Not reaching the semi finals will be seen as failure. This extract on maguire and Henderson.. 


Manchester United captain Harry Maguire is included despite missing the last four league games of the season and the Europa League final following ankle ligament damage.

Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson also makes the cut, even though the midfielder has been out of action since February with a groin injury.

"We know exactly where he is at," Southgate said regarding Maguire's availability. "Our medical team have been with him in Manchester and he hasn't travelled to join up with us.

"Maguire and Henderson both have a bit to do to be available but the possibility is that they can play a part and the fact is that they are such fantastic characters to have around the group.


Full interview... 


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Think he's being a bit kind on himself.

Surely not winning it is failure.

Might as well get knocked out in the group stage as the semi finals, save yourself the heartache.

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No predictions from me regarding how far England can go. Its a rough looking passage if we actually win our group. Another of those daft tournament set ups where its most likely better to come 2nd... 

I made the mistake of watching Croatia last night. 1-1 draw and they were bleedin awful... i knew i shouldnt watch. Now im all ” surely they cant be that bad” suckered in. 

Id love to beat Scotland 300 - 0. You watch Marshall turn into Gordon McBanks for this one v England. 

Southgate looks to have picked a very fast and attacking squad. I hope therefore he has the courage to exploit his players obvious talents... 

Italy... dark horse. 

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