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As a general point, if we want better sitcoms and comedy writers then you need to be able to fund ‘the arts’/BBC better than we have done for a long time. There’s loads of points to this but to keep it quick, young writers need more tv time and investment. The other big point is that tv tends to be a bit of a closed shop at the minute because the only people who aren’t self reliant for income are the ones who can do unpaid work and get a foot in. I’d say those people don’t have a touch on reality that you need for good tv writing. Like how normal people communicate.

Thats my random thought anyway. Two decent sitcoms I enjoyed were actually done by Gold. Which was The Cockfields and I think the other is called The Rovers or something similar

Also Detectorists. 

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I wrote a pilot script for a BBC Comedy competition about 15 years ago. The winning entry was to be made into a pilot episode for BBC3.

I got a nice letter back saying I hadn't won but I'd got into the last 10%. Not bad for a first (and only) attempt at writing.

I never did find out what won - and if it was any good.

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7 hours ago, Anon said:

This great sitcom line always runs through my mind whenever I see James Corden. I just don't understand the appeal. Also, Gavin and Stacey is crap. One of the most overrated, unfunny, mawkish pieces of trash to ever sully the screen.

Stewart Lee probably summed it up best when Corden got his US talk show, "Britain's loss is now America's loss."

With you there.  And he seems that desperate for publicity he’d turn up to the opening of an envelope for the right fee.

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