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Graeme Shinnie - Jack Stamps Player of the Season

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Good for him.

Chases the ball too much and the resultant lack of defensive discipline means he can never play the Eustace role, meaning we'll always need to play 2 DMs whilst he's in the team, also his inability to receive the ball on the turn slows down our transitions considerably.

Aside from a couple of runs forward, a few set pieces and an assist or two the quality of his performances (but not the determination) was actually pretty gash prior to Bielik returning and again once he got injured, but he wasn't alone in that.

Based on character, workrate and availability however it's a thoroughly deserved award so again, yeah, good for him.

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Don't think we will look back fondly on this season for any reason, so probably a decent shout. Solid, good engine and heart but little else to shout about. I would have voted Byrne but went off the boil recently while Shinnie probably improved. 

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