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Yankee Doodle Derby

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41 minutes ago, MackworthRamIsGod said:

Well let's see how it pans out, forgive me for not having much faith, 2 failed takeovers and then Henry Gabay kinda fills me with very little confidence.


I get that entirely buddy and in fairness, it's pretty hard to feel upbeat or confident about anything these days. That said, Mr Cook has a deal more credibility than a crook, a tyre-kicker and an absolute fantasist / compulsive bullshitter so we need to at least ty to keep the faith.

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On 10/06/2021 at 02:12, StrawHillRam said:

Disney make much sense (to be read aloud In Scottish accent).

Let’s hope we have a Minnie revival.

And we don’t get taken over by a consortium headed up by Wile E. Coyote or Elsa  might create a right old baloo.

Erik still pleading his case, "Trust in me"


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On 10/06/2021 at 08:13, TheSlate said:

I heard Billy Davies was leading a consortium, but he changed his mind because he DISNEY want to come back down South. 

A classic post, TheState, your finest work.

If we win the Euros we will surely sing - Orlando hope and glory. If the Welsh win they will sing - Orlando our Fathers. In the Irish win they will sing Orlando Danny Boy.

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7 hours ago, MackworthRamIsGod said:

So according to Alonso, he is trying to make out that he was involved with the American takeover somehow and that they are pressing on without him.

Funny, I'm sure he said numerous times it was just him and his money buying the club.




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2 hours ago, RadioactiveWaste said:

Running for the county line? Making for the border?

Basically I'm imagining him now in smokie and the bandit.


Sounds about right given some of the chancers we’ve been involved with.


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