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Feelings right now

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I'm happy but still appreciate that without a late Cardiff goal we would have ballsed up a game we had won. 

I still can't believe how naive we are when we're in front. 

Just take the throw ins FFS! 

Anyway, those who wimped out missed what it's like to be a Derby fan. 

Fair play to Waghorn. He's a terrible footballer but a true warrior. 

That penalty was superb. 

I'm drinking to his health. 

Also Curtis is back! 

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Relieved and proud.


You give any Championship team the stuff we've had this season and they'd be in a similar position or worse. Unpaid wages, multiple failed takeovers, transfer embargoes, a rookie manager coming in with us rock bottom of the league and the lowest scorers at the stage of a season ever, our best player getting injured for the season, injuries throughout the squad to other first team players and such a depleted squad that for most of the games during the second half of the season the matchday squad was almost half kids from the academy. 

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Relieved. Elated. Exhausted.

Football is a real rollercoaster at the best of times, but that game went from dull for the first 40 minutes to unbearable for the remainder. I have no doubt I've aged considerably in those 97 minutes alone.

Will celebrate tonight, even though this isn't a position we don't want to be in. But if you don't enjoy the moments and fine margins like this, then why bother? There are a minority who only posted on the thread when we were in the relegation zone, obviously negative, and seem to be very quiet now we've achieved what we set out to achieve today. It's no real surprise to be honest. Those people probably have mixed feelings right now.

Enjoy for the moment, but there's a lot of work to do with this squad and coaching staff. We need a mass overhaul in both areas if we're going to avoid another season like the one we've all just had to endure.

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