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Show of support at Pride Park - Saturday 10am

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Giving their all is so important!

(The other week, I posted about enjoying seeing us beat Man U. But now my memory is playing tricks, and I cannot remember if we won or lost in the end! But I remember feeling midway through the game that I didn't care whether we won or lost - because I was proud of the team.)

My heart tells me that it is that raw determination that I want to see.

My head tells me that all I want is a victory.

But my head also tells me that if we lose without seeing raw determination, I will feel heartbroken.

So ... in conclusion ... what I want to see is passionate raw determination ... blood sweat and tears ... hearts pounding ... muscles joints sinews pushed to points that they'll be in their ice baths for the whole of next week.

And ... concentration ... and a completely relaxed calm performance that enables us to deploy our talents and control the game.

What is the winning formula !!!!...!!!!?

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14 minutes ago, Ken Tram said:

What does the black banner say.

"All we ask" sounds a bit moany.

I thought that we were trying to boost the spirits of the players - not imply that they haven't been doing well enough?


8 minutes ago, RoyMac5 said:

Not in the vid clip abouve btw 😄 #COYR

In this one though and another lovely Bucko chant. Feel emotional watching


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Being the ever dutiful husband, it was an earlier than normal shopping trip for me this morning, but I did manage to divert for a drive past on my way home.

At 10:39, there were 3 stripey shirts, but arguably 8 or 9 Wendies, stood by the main west car park entrance.

Between the C&T statue and The Lionel entrance, I'd estimate "a good 150" hardy souls,(Wouldn't argue with 180?) all presumably of the Black & White persuasion. 
No singing, and no flares at that stage, so presumably the players hadn't quite arrived then.

To each and every one there... of both persuasions... I hail a hearty well done.


Shameful Passer-By.


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