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Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread

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Curtis Davies coming on after that horrible injury to make sure we stay up 

The lads shown what it meant to play for Derby second 45. 

Yes season has been poor but not bothered happy to stay up. Well done lads

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6 minutes ago, Dinnitdough said:

I had to get up at 6am cause I watched the game in Mexico.

I still finished a full glass of rum laying in bed.

We fudging survived!!!!!

Congrats to us all!

Thank you Waggie, ive been harsh on you this season, but I love you!


Luxury, I had to get up at 4 am. Almost went back to bed at half time. 🐑

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Sheffield Wednesday getting a points deduction has kept us up more than anything. I am a very relieved Derby fan today, relegation would have been a disaster. Big rebuild needed, starting With the manager. Roll on next season. 🐏

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Posted (edited)
6 minutes ago, DerbyRam! said:

Waghorn, all your past transgressions are forgiven.

You are a hero!

If you are here next season, clean slate.

Waggers is and always has been a confidence player so if he stays and I personally think he is good enough too,let's hope he takes it forwards under a new and better gaffer next season (with a new CF as well btw!)

Got to love his passion today.

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3 hours ago, Sparkle said:

Whilst our forwards have been very sad this season Waghorn is still more likely to score a goal than Jozwiak and he can still deliver our best set pieces but at least jozwiak can run at a few tired legs unlike Waghorn - let’s hope for a couple from Waghorn today shall we 

Just thought I would put this one back out there - just like I said 👍

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