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Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread

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Damn I missed the first 68 mins, thought it was a 3pm start... so I started with us winning 2-1, 5 mins later it was 2-3, then we get the equalizer, what a roller coaster ride. WOW we stay up, such a good feeling.


Couldn't believe the team; Knight/Lawrence/Waggy failed in the last few games and still start, no fight no bottle etc but this game the Waggy turned up, really happy for us and him. Forsyth has been off the pace and a mistake a game for some time, surely he is finished here now? Anyway I don't want to get too much into it, just want to enjoy the draw and staying up.


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Waggy immense.

Overall a few classy moments, some typical Derby moments, but so relieved when Cardiff scored and we got the pen simultaniously.

We bemoan our luck but must have spent our 9 lives this season.

Lets hope that we don't lose the summer to takeover shenanigans, and start next year looking a lot healthier.

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With 7 games to go, if you’d have told us we needed just one point to guarantee survival, you wouldn’t have predicted us all feeling like this with 10 minutes to go in the season. 

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