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Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread

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2 minutes ago, San Fran Van Rams said:

Bereft of creativity in the middle of the park. As much as he runs around, Knight doesn't give us that and I prefer Shinnie as the box to box. Get Sibley on for Knight and throw Joz on for Waggy. We need something and we've been given nothing.

I just hope this happens at 55 minutes and not 85 minutes

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3 minutes ago, Kernow said:

From a few minutes in, we know we needed a one-goal swing in our favour in order to stay up, doesn't matter which game it came in.

Now we need two. We either need to score twice, or grab an equaliser and hope Cardiff can do at least the same. It's far from over but I don't have much confidence seeing as how the season has panned out.

We are currently exactly where we deserve to be. Jobs need to be lost tonight if we can't pull our fingers out for the last 45.

Jobs will be lost.

It just won't be those who deserve it.

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5 minutes ago, rad1919 said:

We needed 3 points from the last 21 available to guarantee safety. With 45 minutes left of the season we have amassed 1.

I think that justifies why we are getting exactly what we deserve.

True and a truly abysmal run of form but, if it had been enough then we wouldn’t have deserved to go down. Thanks to the inadequacies of others but, none the less, three other teams would have amassed fewer points. If by some miracle we somehow manage to win this game we’ll deserve (just about) to stay up.

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5 minutes ago, AndyinLiverpool said:

Can anybody offer me a spark of hope?



5 minutes ago, Anon said:

I can only presume that we're trying long throws with Edmundson because it worked really well for Brum against us a few weeks ago. Unfortunately we've not considered that it's wet, we don't have many players who are good in the air, and most importantly Edmundson is about 10 yards short of having a dangerous long throw.

Yep Edmundson is also our one of our biggest ariel threats.

It’d be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous!

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Just now, kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong said:

He doesn't give a flying duck about Derby,he will be off to his next gig come full time,leaving us in the league 1 gutter.

Our only hope was to get Mac in weeks ago and Mel bottled it.


With Big Dave and Jossie, their staff are probably more pro-Derby than Rooney

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12 minutes ago, Anon said:

No chance Roos is to blame here. The initial header is from about 6 yards. He has very little reaction time. You can't seriously believe that he should be doing anything other than getting something behind the ball and making the save in that scenario.

Absolutely believe he should be securing that ball or at least parrying it wide. Its poor. 


But Marshall is 100% the better keeper.

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It happens every year somewhere in the league, a weird unexpected set of results means an unexpected relegation or promotion. I guess it must be our turn this year.

For me I have had to accept relegation as inevitable for the sake of my dodgy old ticker !

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Just now, IlsonDerby said:

I’m 29 and can’t remember performances being this bad? Heading for 6 points out of a possible 45 points. We are the most out of form team in the whole football league right now. Which team/performances am I forgetting from the last 3 decades or are you a bit older than me? 

I’ve seen us relegated to the third division before and I can assure you it was bad. 

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