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Derby vs Sheff W (H) Matchday Thread

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1 minute ago, vonwright said:

This is horrible. But completely deserved. We are definitely one of the worst three teams in the division - possibly the worst - and this game shows exactly why. Not enough talent, aimless passing, lacking ideas, massive holes in key areas. Our 'good' players aren't as good as we think, and neither are our young players. Praying for a miracle but either way there's a hell of a rebuilding job for someone

We are the worst, if it wasn't for Andre Wisdom's late goal against Wycombe which we didn't deserve we'd be rock bottom. 

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We’ve literally misplaced half of our passes. We are an embarrassment. An hour stood out getting p1ss wet through to show our support earlier and they serve this dross up. I wouldn’t care if a single one of them are here next year. 


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Might help if we actually try to pass the ball instead of hoofing everything

Says everything about Rooney - Clueless , Brainless, Hopeless

Has to be sacked whatever the outcome of today

He is the problem not the players - if we actually set ourselves up to win instead of trying not to lose we might have half a chance

The sooner he f**ks off the better

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2 minutes ago, Derbados said:

Wonder what inspiring and insightful words potato head will conjure up at half time as he stands there looking clueless with those absolute frauds he calls a coaching team licking his backside. 

Zero tactical nouse, were absolutely pathetic 

erm...it's frustarting....errmmm....please don't be so rubbish.....erm.....Kaz is coming off for Bird because we need goals....ermm

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From a few minutes in, we know we needed a one-goal swing in our favour in order to stay up, doesn't matter which game it came in.

Now we need two. We either need to score twice, or grab an equaliser and hope Cardiff can do at least the same. It's far from over but I don't have much confidence seeing as how the season has panned out.

We are currently exactly where we deserve to be. Jobs need to be lost tonight if we can't pull our fingers out for the last 45.

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4 minutes ago, dcfcreece1601 said:

We deserve this because sheff wed got deducted 6 points which shouldn't be a thing anyway so we are only in with a shout today through default undeservedly 

Nonsense. If we win, which I doubt we will now, Wednesday at best would be above us on goals scored only so, it’s not as if they are significantly better than us.

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1 minute ago, RoyMac5 said:

That's not Roos fault, it was a decent stop.

Ask why Forsythe was heading a ball backwards!

No it wasn’t he didn’t need to palm it just dive on it hold it ffs it wasn’t out of reach ffs 

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