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...........build back better?

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Taken from today’s Times article regards test events. May 1st

Sports fans face sober summer of stamping their feet

Professor Dame Theresa Marteau of the University of Cambridge, a behavioural scientist and member of Sage, is chairing the scientific group overseeing the test events. In a scientific paper published just before they began, she argued it would be essential to create “new norms” for sports and music fans. “While it is a basic norm of many sports crowds that people express passionate support for their team, and without that the whole activity has little meaning . . . it may be possible to develop new and distinctive ways of expressing that passion (stamping, clapping, etc) that are of lower risk than shouting or singing,” she wrote.

She suggested learning from the Black Lives Matter movement in how to weave Covid-secure messages into the fabric of sporting events — making social distancing and mask-wearing “an inherent part” of what it means to be a fan of a team.”

People appear less likely to follow social distancing when drinking and Marteau said this provided an argument for an alcohol ban at events.

But she and her colleagues warned that this risked encouraging fans to drink in pubs beforehand, potentially getting even drunker and crowding into stadiums at the last minute. Different approaches to serving alcohol are being tested in the pilot events.


Are these .................”new norms” to build back better?

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I'm going to start showing my support for the "new norms" by wearing clown makeup, a colourful wig, and a big red nose. Honk, honk!

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