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13 minutes ago, 24Charlie said:

Yes it does say after the final whistle but this is if an ultimatum, demanded by the group, has not be adhered to by the club.

Who do they think they are?

So you don’t believe in the right to protest then !

I repeat I won’t be doing it but you can’t deny the right to protest in a free country .

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I don't know who these groups of fans are but they're clearly just the ones with the shortest amount of patience compared to the rest of us atm. The club is in an absolute mess from top to bottom and I really do understand the eagerness for some fans to make themselves heard. I'm fine with Mel wanting to sell us if he's either got other priorities or he can no longer sustain the club and for many years he's put in a lot of money and done his best for which we should all be very grateful. I'm not fine with his seeming willingness to offload us to anyone and everyone... whether that is fake sheik's or a 29 year old boxing promoter with no apparent money of his own. I'm not fine with the confusion surrounding the club atm and I'm not fine with what is happening on the pitch. 

Not being able to attend games has not helped, games are the place where fans can express solidarity, delight, support and yes frustration and anger when events both on and off the field are going down the pan. This avenue for fans to express themselves has been cut off and some are going to be at the end of their tether. People feel very passionately about this club and I don't really blame anyone for wanting to make themselves heard when they feel so powerless over the direction of the club and performances on the pitch.

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1 hour ago, Ambitious said:

We have had some people drop information that would indicate the financial future of the club is far from certain. We also know that our prospective new owner is a HUGE unknown - most takeovers are, but this is another level completely as it's difficult to see how a 29-year-old with a boxing history and relatively small time promotions is suddenly in a position to drop £50m on a Championship club in a risk of relegation. I would say I'm currently at a 10% comfort rating with that takeover going through and I was 30% with the fake Sheikh. 

I know some people will state 'unsubstantiated rumours' but even with copious amount of blind faith I find it difficult how you wouldn't be concerned about the current situation of the club. I don't think we will ever go bust, realistically, but we are in a precarious position whereby we could see our club ruined and destitute, damned to the lower echelons of the Football League for the next decade.

It's startling that we have an actual fan running the show at the moment, because this is the exact situation I thought we wouldn't find ourselves owned by a fan. The irony isn't lost on me. 


Agree 100%. I'm not part of the group organising the protest and won't be attending it either but it's completely legitimate for fans to be concerned about, and to be asking for clarification on, what's happening at our club at the moment. There are multiple sources suggesting the situation could be more serious than previously thought and we were originally given the impression the Alonso takeover (which personally I hope doesn't happen given the lack of clarity about the source of funding and who would be involved) would be taking place as earlier as the Monday after the initial press release (over two weeks ago now and counting).

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Simply put, I think the fans should have been asking more questions after Cocu left, not necessarily about Cocu, but because mid season the club ripped up any plan we had and made us directionless with a rookie manager. The Rooney name, essentially, was enough of a distraction and I don’t think fans were willing to seethe bigger picture. Also, I will add that yes I was saying this at the time!

I’m not against a protest, but for it to be effective you do have to pick your moments and I think that moment passed.

We have to get though to the end of the season now, but no matter what league we are in serious questions need to be asked about the direction of the club and what the plan is.

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