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vs Swansea (A) - Matchday Thread

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Posted (edited)

Right Wayne, the season is in your hands. 

Swansea are fairly passive and we look reasonably in the game even with Lawrence and Waghorn doing not a jot and CKR looking pretty static. 

Make some decent substitutions, get Roberts creating and Sibley running at them and we can put this season to bed. 

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Posted (edited)

Decent (if horribly nerve wracking).

Joz looks a class apart, he'd look even better in a better team. Top attitude too.

Lawrence completely anonymous.

Waghorn and Forsyth look like weak links as they have all season.

Like Clarke/Edmundson at the back, feels more solid and they can both play out, too.

Hopefully this isn't one of those games where we look good, then give away a soft goal from some stupid mistake and can't find a way back.

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2 minutes ago, Kinder said:

Joz is at least taking responsibility and trying to make something happen.

Only one.

Knight just passing backwards.

Waghorn and CKR have no chemistry and not making runs.

Lawrence - is he playing?

Forsyth and Byrne dreadful.

Roos kicking it out of play unchallenged.

Good job they have put a weak team out.

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1 minute ago, rammieib said:

Awful since Christmas, uninterested, let’s players run by him off the ball, awful crosses from set pieces and so on. 

Just my opinion, and no different to any other players either to be fair!

Only Jozwiak looks up for it today.

He has been a liability for a good while. I am fearful if he isn’t replaced we will be playing with 10 men. 
“I would send him back to Wigan or wherever he comes from”. 

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1 minute ago, Ellafella said:

He’s our best player. Needs somebody with a brain to play alongside.

Probably agree. Been trying to work out if he has no end product or his teammates are just not good enough. I think its the latter overall. Like to see him playing in a decent side.

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It’s quite shocking to see how far Jason Knight has regressed as a player, he just doesn’t add anything to this side. 

He was in a great position a couple of minutes ago, pooed himself because he was being closed down as he dithered on the ball and just smashed a ball sideways straight to the Swansea defender when we had 4 players on runs into the box

so, so poor 

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1 minute ago, TomTom92 said:

Kazim looks tata’d get him off and Roberts on. Can’t complain at how dull it is as at least we’re drawing. The ref needs to realise it’s not a premier league match. Blowing for everything. 

Apart from bringing it back when it hit him, refs been fine. Tell the players to stop fouling especially when we’re putting them under pressure in the last third.

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Posted (edited)
4 minutes ago, OUTSIDER said:

Awful and like a team who just playing out a season.  Just can't see us scoring, with only matter of time them knocking one in.... 

Well when Waghorn may as well not be on the pitch and Lawrence poor too, how are we going to create let alone score?!

Joz and Colin having decent games.

Byrne - if he jumps into the back of a player one more time, very poor

Fozzy - poor

Waghorn - poor

Lawrence - poor

How the Hell are we supposed to create loads?!


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