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The Rotherham Appreciation Thread

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It seems one of the more popular hypothesis knocking about is that Warne believes we're due a point deduction hence why he's disappointed because they would've had a 12 (or whatever) point head start on us in League One. 

It seems viable with the stories coming out today from Nixon, but I didn't think we would be subject to a point deduction because of the amortisation. I don't know. It's pretty ironic that almost every single player that we bought during this spending spree has pretty much gone and it's left to 18-20 year olds trying to make their way in the game to pick up the pieces. 

I'm not sure if a few other clubs are going to be subject to any punishment. Stoke lost £87m this season. Reading lost £45m. Forest announced losses of £32m in their latest accounts, possibly will be more from the latest season. 

It wouldn't be surprised to see half the league on negative points once the season starts. 

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I had some sympathy for them based on the fixture pile up and also the spirit their players have shown this season. Then the gaffe has to have a backhanded swipe at us to deflect from the fact that ultimately they just weren't good enough. I guess in his 'disappointment' he's forgotten that other teams had play games with half their squad isolating to play youth sides against seniors on Cup games? I guess he's also forgotten that the FFP charge was heard, arbitrated upon and that we were exonerated of any wrongdoing. Or maybe he's just a twit...

So, a final analysis would be that they a spirited team with snide manager and classless gobshites for directors. Good bye and good riddance.

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