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vs Brummies (H) - Matchday Thread

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5 minutes ago, Jase116 said:

I always said give him the summer to shape his own squad, but i can’t defend him anymore, stay up or go down, I now think we need a new man in charge.

We simply can’t afford to keep him if  (when!) we go down - we need someone  with experience of building a promotion team rather than making it up as they go along....

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6 minutes ago, Igorwasking said:

I don’t think we will get relegated - but only cause the teams below us can’t win a game. First time I can ever remember thinking “thank duck that the whole team will be gone in the summer!

Don't forget that team who can't win a game, have to play US on the last day!

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20 minutes ago, DCFClks said:

What on earth is Lawrence meant to do when every time the balls in there 3rd, it's in the air 95% of the time?

Was that his only role?  Even if he was judged on attacking threat, to which there was none, His effort was woeful.
His closing down at the front and at the back was playing at it and left his runner several times when supposedly helping out the fullback and wingback. 

His running off the front man was non existent and he was a mile away from CKR all game so was never going to be able to help out. 

It not just him, Knight was poor again besides a lot of running around. 

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12 minutes ago, GrimsbyRam said:

We are going down - Forest will roll over like they have recently and we will get dicked by Swansea.  Then really fancy us to fight against Sheff Wed? No me neither.

But that Huddersfield team that have shipped 12 goals in the last couple of away games and won once away in 8 months surely must have been good for the 2 nil win the other week.

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22 minutes ago, Cool As Custard said:

Rooney is a toxic influence on our football club 

The players don't respect him

The fans hate him

The only good part of all this is the rest of the world seeing what a thoroughly incompetent fool he is

He'll be sacked at the end of the season & never get another job in football

He's tactically inept & can't communicate - I wouldn't give him a job coaching the under 12's

Bowyer has made a complete mug of him today

We deserve everything we get this season for Mel not appointing a proper manager once he sacked Cocu

This was always on the cards once the new manager bounce ended & unfortunately it is now League One for certain next season as we won't get another point

I don't hate him. It just looks as if he is going to fail as a manager at Derby.

And what's with the vindictive attitude to his future managerial career? A bit pathetic and unnecessary in my opinion. 

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5 minutes ago, 66DegreesNorth said:

...I can't even listen to the erm guy anymore. Go home Ermrooney.

For the love of Derby Mel, give us a chance and get rid.. please.

If the takeover is genuinely due to go through before the end of the month (as has been suggested) then there’s no way Mel will sack him as he would then have to stump up the compensation.... Rooney either walks (he won’t as he’s too proud/stubborn) or the new owner has a decision to make in the summer....

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