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v Preston North End (A) - Matchday Thread

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Just now, AndyinLiverpool said:

He was just standing there waiting for it. 

I’m very surprised at all the plaudits shinnie gets tbh. I haven’t watched every game this season as I have wired as I work in a hospital but every game I’ve seen which is more than half he’s been mediocre to me don’t rate him on the ball at all. Guessing the games I’ve missed he must have been better granted I think he does the nitty gritty well at mopping up 

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2 minutes ago, Leeds Ram said:

If we play anything like this next season I'm sure the players will wish they were playing in an empty stadium again 

Even if we're allowed back in, it'll be half empty anyway... in that division!  

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1 minute ago, Big Trav said:

Knight is just useless 

He started the season well, but since new year he’s become our worst player. It’s genuinely like playing with 10 men + Knight running all over the place offering nothing whatsoever

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