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23 minutes ago, Carl Sagan said:

It's clear three from four will be relegated and we are one of those four. But also the other three would rather be in our position. It's largely between us and Rotherham for the final place. If Wednesday or Wycombe overtake us from their current positions, we deserve the drop.

We have four games left. Every one is a cup final. Two wins will be enough. One win and a couple of draws may do it. Anything less and I think we're down. This is the moment we see what our players are made of. How much bottle they have. Are they shrinking violets or are they about to stand up and be counted?

Youth or experience? Attack or defense? What's going to save us?

Our current injury list gives us little room for manoeuvring. The defence almost picks itself through lack of options, the only feasible one being Fozzie or Buchanan - think having Edmundson available could have made quite a difference.

Upfront it seems to be a choice between the way we set up at kick off against Blackburn or with Kazim which tends to reduce our attacking threat - I'd go with the former and play Jozwiak and Roberts out wide.

Glad it's not me having to make the decision, all I can do is continue to keep those fingers crossed.


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49 minutes ago, CBRammette said:

Doesnt it make you cross that just an odd point here and there that we have seemed to give away far too easily especially against those around us and we would be relaxed and safe?   Please please Derby players and management can you just step up at this key time and put a bit if a run together. COYR play with a bit of pride and spirit for the last few games

The Coventry and Preston at home so close together spring to mind . 3 points.  Plus the two points robbed at forest and one at Watford with the disallowed goal and the penalty combined with bank defending the other night.  refs have cost us as many. Got a couple of fortunate ones at Norwich though. Every team gets them but we’ve had more than average this season

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1 minute ago, Bald Eagle's Barmy Army said:

Well, I can see us beating Preston on Tuesday and Brum losing to Forest. We could then have a big incentive on Saturday to go above Brum when we play them. 

Massive week ahead. 

Looking forward to the red dogs doing us that favour like they did yesterday. I’ll wait with interest.

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4 minutes ago, Gee SCREAMER !! said:

To many have finished nil on our side. We had a 3 game spell where we scored first and won although we hung on for grim death against Bournemouth and boro. We must be about on course for a record number of games lost by a goal after going behind.

We've gone all season without winning a game when we've gone a goal behind. 

Forest is the only game I can recall when we actually got anything from the game after going one behind but there may be some more. But not many. 

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18 minutes ago, Rev said:

If Rotherham do go on a run, then so shall we.

I can't see Forest picking up another point this season, they're so desperate to relegate us they won't realise what's hit them with 5 mins of the season left, finding themselves needing 2 goals to stay up.

You really think Florist are still in the relegation mix? 

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2 hours ago, SKRam said:

I’d far rather have three or four teams in the mix than rely on one as most of you are! Not a mention for Coventry, far from safe. Read a comment if we win on Tue we are safe. Wow I think not, far from it even with a W. 

If you extend your logic further it's better for us to be 22nd going into the final game (which is what would happen if Rotherham pick up points and we don't) with the possibility of needing to outperform 2-3 teams to stay up, than it is to go into the final game in 20th with just needing to equal the result of the team below us.

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