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U23s vs Arsenal (H)

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We always seem to have some cracking games against Arsenal with lots of goals, but they do have the best of the results. I used to work with an Arsenal supporter and he has been to many matches with me  where he's admitted they've had the luck.

Positives tonight were the build up play, and pressing. 

Disappointing when Mitchell Lawson went off and it seemed to change the flow of the game. Also, if Cresswell wants to get on the pitch for the first team he has to be taking his chances at this level.

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11 hours ago, Ghost of Clough said:

Despite currently having the 6th best U23 side in the country, relegation to L1 means the U23s would be 25th in line to play in the Papa John's Trophy, with the highest 16 to accept an invite participating.

Damn it, was looking forward to see what side got further! My money would have been on the U23s...

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11 hours ago, angieram said:

You really like to have a dig at every opportunity, don't you? There's plenty of time to be miserable when you're old! 

Got to fulfil my character on here - though just you wait until I’ve had a decade of watching Derby in League One that’s coming up. I’ll be insufferable.

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