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Derby County - the movie.

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On 09/04/2021 at 08:30, Duracell said:

Feel for you, @Rev. I'd be disappointed with these suggestions too. Seems like with getting Ianucci on board, you're really going for an artistic picture which captures the carnage and chaos of the past decade or so. All these morons are suggesting cast members purely on a 'look alike' basis. I'm going to treat your project with the respect it deserves and suggest some names I feel can bring the story to life for audiences. 

Mel Morris - Robert De Niro. I'm sure Iannuci/Rev's Morris will be a patriarchal figure terrorising enemies and pouncing on any weakness with an unsettling calmness. I can envisage characters trembling and kissing 'Uncle Mel' on the cheek. De Niro will understand the assignment.

Will Hughes - Benedict Cumberbatch. As our Will is a former public school boy, I feel that this little nuance probably needs highlighting to our audience, so let's go for someone posh. Hope his intelligence as a footballer shines in Cumberbatch's Sherlock-Holmes-Alan-Turing-esque style. 

Harry Wilson - Idris Elba. The oustanding freekicks were symptomatic of the cool, calm and collected footballer that is the little Welshman, and who is cooler than Idris Elba? 

Richard Keogh - Tilda Swinton. Swinton is able to draw a deep mystery into her characters befitting of a man with mysterious eyes. She is a method actor capable of not just using "like you say" as a catchphrase, but demonstrating it as a way of life. 

Good point. To continue this theme...

Duane Holmes, the comedian in the squad:


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