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Derby County - the movie.

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Hi people,

During lockdown, I've been working on a script for a big screen adaptation of the clubs journey from GSE to now.

However, I'm pretty much talentless, but I've persuaded Armando Iannucci to take over script writing and direction duties, while also playing floor covering, dating and King of the apps entrepreneur Mel Morris.

The only casting decision I've made to survive his cut is Fleur East as Ikechi Anya, so we're desperately reaching out to the forum for ideas.

Who would portray your recent Rams heroes on the big screen, and why?

Shrek as Rooney is obviously not allowed, different production studios and all that!



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It's already been made, but I heard we are remaking it.

The Good - Clint Eastwood for Roy Greenwood.

The Bad - Eli Wallach for Sam Rush.

The Ugly - Lee Van Cleef for Lee Camp.

Extras DLF chasing a load of Red Dogs over a bridge and firing canon balls at em.

Job done.


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