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On 08/04/2021 at 20:34, DarkFruitsRam7 said:

Run the club sustainably.

If you invest in anything, make sure it's in smart recruitment.

Appoint a sporting/technical/whatever director to decide on a tactical approach and let him/her make all coaching appointments based on that approach.

Accept the fact that there are huge amounts of luck involved in football. Don't lose your head and rip things up.

Good list DFR7 - European Super League.?

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Has been said on this thread alot but please just shut up until you have actually passed EFL approval, put your money in and own us. Even then, after the last 5+ years we have had, just quietly do your job competently and turn this club around then we will absolutely adore you. Enough of the public stuff already. Sorry but can see where this going. 

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