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@Owen87ITKΒ and RamsTV staff, keep up the brilliant work on the podcasts, and with all the other great work you do.

I loved the question you asked Liam about the media and agendas and how Liam answered it with people having different preferences etc. I've mentioned it a few times on here recently, what with certain elements of the media being produced by fans of the top/big clubs and presented by ex staff of the top/big clubs and how they can appear to be biased at times or maybe it's just a frustrating feeling for those fans that follow a smaller/less glamour club that are probably better off to have the wonderful RamsTV and the like, to present coverage of the club they love.

Anyway we all have our part to play in being part of the process that Wayne, Liam etc, recognise, in becoming a top/big club and hopefully we will get there.

Send my regards to the tea lady, Curtis, Colin, Clive, Louie, Liam and all the rest.

D.C.F.C. Love, Life & Unity.

Inverurie Ram

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