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Any tecchy musicians out there who can give me help with Cubase music studio software?

I have worked through the manual, watched the official training videos, bought an online course and am still struggling.

Effectively when I try to do things exactly as shown on the videos it doesn't work, because the GUI doesn't operate the way the videos say it does.

Some online help would be useful, but I would prefer some hands-on advice, or info on where I can go for a training course.

Many thanks in anticipation

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2 hours ago, ThePrisoner said:

I haven't used Cubase in a long while but I doubt much has changed really and a lot of skills are transferable across other DAWs.

What is it particular that you're trying to do first?

Thanks for the replies. 

I got Cubase Ai Elements as a bundle with my Yamaha MX61 keyboard after nearly 30 years away from music because of RSI problems. It took a while to get the keyboard to talk to Cubase, but my first problem was going to the media tab, selected a vst synth but couldn't create a track from there. I have since found that I can right-click on the main section and "add track" comes up. 

The difficulty is that I have version 10.5, but all the videos were for version 8 or 9, and the gui and tabs have changed for version 10.5. The differences aren't great, but finding out how to set up the usb driver and the midi channels in the studio page are not as shown. I bought and downloaded a course from "Born to produce" with a similar mismatch of tabs, etc., even though the course is supposedly for version 10.5.

MY next issue is that having set up a midi track, when I click on record, it sets the drum track/rhythm track on the keyboard running, even thought that isn't selected, and I have n o idea what it is that is triggering it.

The problems are no doubt fairly simple, and I am being a bit "when I'm 64" about it. Despite my age I am reasonable with tech stuff, so just being able to sit with someone who knows these things, eg a day or two on a course would no doubt get me up and running. Obviously this hasn't been possible because of lockdown, which is why I haven't thrown a request for help up before now.

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I gave up on cubase years ago for similar reasons.

I use Reaper now as it's free and got a much more active user community, regular updates and loads of help online. They haven't gone down the Cubase route of making constant drastic changes to the GUI


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On 09/04/2021 at 16:21, ColonelBlimp said:

I like Reason myself but it's a casual thing.


Isn't the Midi/Drum track issue related to Channel 10?

Yes that is the standard Midi channel for drums, but I have nothing in Cubase assigned to channel 10, as far as I can see. And I haven’t got as far as drum tracks yet!

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