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From some very quick scanning of articles it seemed as though he came in as an advisor for Chansiri, but was secretly trying to work his way into fans affections by immersing himself in the club on social media. Then he made a lowball (£30m) offer to buy the club from Chansiri and was told to do one.

Seems like he's doing a more straightforward tactic this time.

Couple of key points I'd like to know more about:

Is he a face of a consortium? (Probably)

If so, who are they and where are they getting this 'debt free' money from as reported?

Is the Matt Southall guy involved at all?

Do we assume that this is the only bidder now? Is the Abu Dhabi deal completely dead? Are other bidders interested after rumours of US investment etc. over the last couple of months?

Will Mel keep some control to make sure that the new owners don't asset strip the club?

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38 minutes ago, cheron85 said:

His company doesn't have a website - That worries me



Who doesn't have a website these days?!?!?


Does it really worry you? My LTD company doesn't have a website, the company employs a few people and is the vehicle for revenue & expenses, assets & liabilities. There is, literally, no reason for me to go to the expense of creating and maintaining a website. Just saying, there are more relevant things to be worried about.

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