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Men v Boys Match Ratings, deadline 5pm tomorrow

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Just now, Rammy03 said:

I'm amazed that some of you are giving out fives and sixes to some players for that performance. 

6 is par as per @sage instructions and I never believe a player isn’t trying. Biggest mistake I thought was not changing it at HT. Understandably fans are angry upset and rather miffed so I do get ratings. I’ve gone with my instincts. Two half decent performances get the 7 from me 

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Roos 4

Wisdom 4

Mengi 2

Clarke 4

Buchanan 4 

Baningime 4

Edmondson 4

Shinnie 4

Jozwiak 3

Gregory 3

Sibley 3

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Roos 6 - Didn't really do much wrong, made an important double save when we were still in the game


Wisdom 3 All over the shop

Mengi 3 See Wisdom

Clarke 3 See Wisdom, Mengi

Buchanan 3 See Wisdom, Mengi, Clarke


Baningime 4 A couple of nice touches and looked to go forward where he could

Edmondson 4 He's a central defender, played the whole game in midfield when the defenders were having a nightmare 

Shinnie - 3 He went through a little bright spell, then was poor against Forest and even worse tonight

Jozwiak - 3 Didn't see the ball but when he did, was too safe

Gregory - 3 He gets 3 only because I feel sorry for him. Zero service. Zero anything. 

Sibley - 3 Played on the left, looked, like most of them, out of place.

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Wisdon    0       worst performance I've ever seen from a Derby player and yet ...I want him to play centre half in the next game .   Almost like he wanted to tell Rooney to duck off with that performance after being made to play right back 

Rest of team get a 3 

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Roos - 4

Wisdom - 4

Mengi - 3

Clarke - 4

Buchanan - 4

Baningime - 5

Edmondson - 4

Shinnie - 4

Jozwiak - 4

Gregory - 3

Sibley - 4

I don't usually give threes but this was a horrible performance. Mengi was poor but it was the total lack of responsibility and communication between the back three which was at fault. 

Keifer Moore was allowed acres of space both in open play and at set pieces. None of the three central defenders said 'he's mine'. 

Gregory was totally isolated and had no chance with long balls pumped up to him. 

It was a timid, weak effort against a team we could really have tested by playing brave, positive football. 

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