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Men v Boys Match Ratings, deadline 5pm tomorrow

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Roos - 6 (could be 5 after that last goal but meh.)

Wisdom - 5   
Mengi - 4   
Clarke - 4   
Buchanan - 5   
Baningime - 5   
Edmundson - 5   
Shinnie - 5   
Jozwiak - 5   
Gregory - 3   
Sibley - 2


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Roos - 2 poo  Can’t kick it long, at fault for 1/2 goal  

Wisdom - 2 poo And really not happy with him berating everyone else when he’s at fault. Take responsibility and do your bloody job. 

Mengi - 2 poo Not ready, by a mile. 

Clarke - 2 poo Looked like a deer in the headlights and couldn’t wait to play it along the back again. Midfielders and forwards making space but he’s already made his mind up to pass it along the back. 

Buchanan - 2 poo Needs a break. Poor defensively and going forward.  

Baningime - 3 not as poo  Put in some good tackles but so negative. Lightweight. 

Edmondson - 3 not as poo  Partly at fault for the last goal and is not a defensive midfielder. 

Shinnie - 2 poo  Needs to keep some composure and learn to pass to a team mate once he’s done the backtracking stuff. Just poor today, although had our only shot on target. 

Jozwiak - 3 can’t fault him if he gets no service and no support. Held the ball but nowhere to pass it to. 

Gregory - 2 poo  Forgot he was playing. Not a target man and just an absolutely bang average forward.  

Sibley - 3 less poo but again no service or support. Would have liked Bird to be on the same time so he would pick out his runs and space he was creating. 


Rooney -  1 And we’d better get a result v Coventry now!! 

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Roos         4 

Wisdom     5

Mengi       4

Clarke       4

Buchanan     5

Baningime     6

Edmondson   6

Shinnie     7 (Rams MotM)

Jozwiak     4

Gregory     5

Sibley      4

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23 minutes ago, Rammy03 said:

Roos - 1

Wisdom - 0

Mengi - 0

Clarke - 0

Buchanan - 0

Baningime - 1

Edmondson - 0

Shinnie - 1

Jozwiak - 0

Gregory - 0

Sibley - 0

Count to ten count to ten! 

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27 minutes ago, sage said:

Just the players below in that order

Roos 5

Wisdom 5

Mengi 5

Clarke 4

Buchanan 5

Baningime 7

Edmondson 6

Shinnie 7 MOM 

Jozwiak 6

Gregory 6 

Sisley 4




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