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Cardiff v Derby County match day thread init.

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3 minutes ago, Will Hughes Hair said:

I normally catch up on the forum view of the world after watching the game.

Not tonight. And sorry if it’s been said. But that was shocking and it’s down to Rooney.

Woodgate’esque managerial performance. 

I will never accept us throwing a game. No effort, bewildering formation, no effort, no proactive change to the formation from Rooney, no effort, subs 20 mins too late, and no effort.

Appalling rubbish. As a happy clapper I’ve struggled with Jordan for  couple of years at least. But whatever he says tonight is bang on.

You said no effort twice 😜

So double lack of effort. 

And it's Jourdan.

But I totally agree with you.

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1 minute ago, brady1993 said:

Resting players make sense, even possibly resting 6 but you can at least go out with a resemblance of a plan that make senses.

Why play Mengi at centre back and shove Wisdom to right back ?

Why play a midfield 3 consisting of a centre back and two defensive midielders ?

Because Mengi was dreadul at RB last time and Wisdom has spent 2/3 of his career there. We had literally no one else to pick. Maybe we should have gone with wing backs, a lot to ask of Wisdom and Buchanan can't be far off a rest. 

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11 minutes ago, angieram said:

Cardiff thoroughly taken advantage of playing our under-strength side. 

They were playing well within themselves after our subs and still manage to score another stunner at the end.

Glad for once I am not at the match. Scenic run or not, it's a long drive back from Cardiff after that sort of performance. 

I understand why Rooney did it, just hope it doesn't backfire on him at the weekend. 

It hasn't helped us, having to fit in the Barnsley match, meaning we have another midweek match next week when most other teams around us in the table will be getting a rest.

At least the other results went our way tonight.

Relentless, isn't it? 

It is - so hard to keep enthusiasm going on nights like this. On the upside Wayne got to see some players in a championship match rather than training so should help going forward. And nice little cameo from Watson

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4 minutes ago, Patrick Rams said:

The vast majority on this forum thought they were a complete waste of time...we ship em out to Millwall and they get the 3 points.. playing for a team who are much better and higher in the league than us.

So what? You think having them in our team we would have won 5-4?

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Just now, sage said:

Because Mengi was dreadul at RB last time and Wisdom has spent 2/3 of his career there. We had literally no one else to pick. Maybe we should have gone with wing backs, a lot to ask of Wisdom and Buchanan can't be far off a rest. 

I mean isn't the simpler solution to play Edmundson there though rather than in midfield or even a back 3 with Mcdanold starting ?

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7 minutes ago, Van der MoodHoover said:

There's some extreme reactions folks. 

Our decent-ish run was not that brilliant, we have been conceding goals again recently (bar Huddersfield). 

The loanees were OK but not brilliant and haven't really been integrated into the first team. 

So today was a bit poor, but lots of factors and it's really not as if a purring rolls royce suddenly became a mini metro. Let's chill our beans. 

Don't know if you are being overly negative or positive....but I thought we had been doing much better and that Forest was poor and then tonight was really really terrible on all levels. 

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3 minutes ago, 1967Ram said:

A manager stands or falls by the decisions they make. Rooney will know, hopefully, that tonight was a shambles. Let's hope he can use this as a good learning experience. Roll on Saturday!

It's the fact that he's manufactured a shambles which concerns me not some retrospective learning point for him. 

If he thought that team were capable of competing tonight then he's on a different planet.

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No need to go overboard and character assassinate him for one game. He’s done an outstanding job so far. Tonight he got it badly wrong and deserves flak. Basically said post match he’s been resting players and accepts it was a gamble and it takes responsibility.

 Whatever his game plan was it didn’t work and backfired spectacularly. He also got it wrong not making changes at half time. It was the worst performance since the Blackburn game. The players looked like they’d never played together. 

The best performances were the subs. Felt sorry for Gregory and Sibley. Watson looks a real prospect, McDonald did well again. The only other positive is that it was only 4-0. 

Put this game in the bin and move on. Results have gone for us again. Still 6 points clear of drop zone worst case after tomorrow.


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2 hours ago, BucksRam said:

It's an interesting line up.  Suspect some of it may be to rest some legs for the next game, especially the likes of Big Col, whilst handing out some experience points for one or two others.  If it goes horribly wrong, I'll only sulk for tonight instead of until Saturday. 

When I said interesting I was being polite.  Don't know if we've had a comment from Rooney yet but that was Sunday league.  Definitely like it was written off before the start which doesn't sit right.   

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