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Cardiff v Derby County match day thread init.

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3 minutes ago, enachops said:


Terrible selection, poor at the back, 3 defensive midfielders, no threat in attack is a recipe for disaster.

Dare I say it, granted we’ve been awful, but I’d love us to play like a Mick McCarthy Cardiff next year. Strong, physical, quick, with a smattering of quality. He’s doing a good job there.

He’s a bloody good manager at this level been saying it for years

not the dinosaur many believe him to be  

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3 minutes ago, Edtheram said:

Following this game we need 2 things...

1. An apology from Wayne and the players

2. Someone to buy us and splash millions to inject some quality into this shocking team

1. Not bothered about an apology, that’s not going to change anything.

2. Even if someone buys the club they’re unlikely to be able or want to splash millions.

All I want is:

1) End this game with no more damage (can’t see that happening)

2) Put this horror show behind us and win on Saturday (probably just as unlikely).

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Sith Happens
1 minute ago, Sparkle said:

Shows how much we need knight, Richards and waghorn 

you do realise saying we need waghorn in the match day thread is like saying you want covid,  Ebola, the plague and shingles on your private parts,  all in one go.

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1 minute ago, Derbados said:

9 Derby players up in the Cardiff half after they cleared it, Baningime gets hold of it on half way, stops, thinks about it, turns round and passes to Roos 


Yep - terrible and three or so players who also didn’t give him an option to pass wide. The amount of coachable situations that have shown up in this game is scary.

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