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Derby v Huddersfield Player Ratings, deadline 5pm (sorry for the delay)

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Marshall........6 Counted the rows of seats in the North Stand. 

Edmondson...7. Probably our biggest threat 1st half. Scored header from a corner.

Wisdom..........8. Imperious. Forayed. Strong armed opponents off the ball.

Clarke.............8. Our goal is a bank vault & Clarke is a big, chub lock. Nobody gets to it.

Byrne.............8. Another assist. Very busy. 

Knight............7. Lots of surge. Won free kicks.

Bird................7. Tidy. Clean passes. 

Shinnie..........7  Strong and abrasive. 

Buchanan......7 Quiet 1st half. Busier 2nd.

Gregory.........5 Doesn’t offer much. 

CKR................9. MotM. Vision. Power. Skill. Strange bird-like noise which is code for “pass to me”. Wonderful pass to Wag for goal #2. 

Jozwiak.........6 Ok for half a game. 

Waghorn.......7 Sublime goal. Then mostly ridiculous. 

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Marshall 7 - cracking save early on from Campbell. Didn't have a great deal to do thereafter but all done very competently

Edmondson 7 - good display again. Defensively really sharp, scored the goal & caused chaos in their box on another couple of occasions

Wisdom 8 - really good tonight. Some crucial defensive interventions & particularly liked the way he was striding around midfield second half like he owned it. Excellent on the ball. In a really good spell of form currently

Clarke 7 - his usual dependable self. Didn't massively notice him as he was overshadowed by Wisdom a little & protected by the midfield effort

Byrne 7 - another good game although would have liked him slightly more involved in the attacking effort given the formation was set up for him & Buchanan. Very solid at the back as usual

Knight 8 - really good display tonight, His workrate was obscene & he seemed to be leading the targeted press which gave them no time to play second half. Very often he was emerging from winning a second ball & striding into space - 100% his game

Bird 8 - usual class from Max. A lot of unsung work defensively & threading together play. We look so much better with him in the team & he played a key part in shielding the back 4 from late attacks

Shinnie 7 - his usual hard working, selfless display

Buchanan 6 - generally a decent display but some poor delivery out wide & an horrendous dive in early on which resulted in Campbell's chance

Gregory 5 - bit anonymous I thought. Nowhere near as effective as Kazim in holding the ball or bringing others in. Also made little impact in final third

CKR 8 MOM - excellent display. Such a presence up top, holding the ball with such ease & finding a man with an easy ball. Loads of good defensive work to help out his back 4 & a fantastic reverse pass to Waghorn for the second

Jozwiak 6 - offered lots of energy & an outlet to hold the ball further up the pitch

Waghorn 7 - much much better than last Friday. Obviously the goal was very well taken but got himself into the box for another good chance (that was flagged offside). He's much better than the pedestrian defensive winger he's been looking like recently

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