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Rams v Red Dogs (Notts Forest) Match day Thread.

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Sith Happens

Let's just hope the result doesn't come down to poor refereeing as has done quite often over the years...non offside this season, disallowed goals for foul  on their own keeper,  goals disallowed to give us a penalty we miss, Yates foot up challenge that should have been a red on Clarke..


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Sith Happens
1 minute ago, minesahartington said:

I don’t know about lockdown but Pearcey looks like he should be locked up!

he looks tanked up

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9 minutes ago, Retro_RAM said:

Some of us and certainly most do now but when it was being discussed it was far from unanimous.

Mainly because he looked like he couldn't be arsed when he was out on the pitch, had become a liability and made no effort to make amends for his mistakes. From the outside looking it his attitude at the time seemed to stink.

For others it was media stories of him lining up his own management team when we already had a manager, but that was always nonsense. Combine someone believing them, though, with the perceived attitude when he was playing and he looked like a bit of a snake in the grass.

There was also the matter of him pissing off to do Soccer Aid - it didn't make him look particularly dedicated to the cause (our cause)

Obviously we know better now.

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40 minutes ago, rammieib said:

No surprises but prefer us with two up front. In essence we drop Gregory for Bird. 

We are going for more control in the middle of the pitch and less pressure on their defence.

I don’t think we create as much but we’re more defensively solid.

We look more dangerous with two up front, I think.  Florist are very good at controlling the game in midfield tho. Personally I don’t think we should play them at their game. Think they will be straight at us first 15 and we’ll need to weather a little storm, I’m rambling and not making any sense to myself.  It’s just nerves. 🤞👊🙏🐏

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