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Rams v Red Dogs (Notts Forest) Match day Thread.

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3 minutes ago, SaintRam said:

Easy to mock those kinds of takes in hindsight but that really is the thing about "potential". Its meaningless. They could have been 100% right even if Bird never gets out of the Championship and Bellingham wins multiple Champions Leagues. Who's to say how much "potential" Bird had, at any point.

Not meeting that potential is, in truth, irrelevant. That's why discussing which young player has more or less potential is so f'ing pointless.

Maybe. But I’d say there’s a reason Dortmund plumped for Bellingham and not Bird. 

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1 minute ago, Leicester Ram said:

We miss Bielik a huge amount.

Because Bielik is the difference between a genuinely bad team and a borderline average one.

Now we're left with a team that always looks like its made up of the worse individuals whenever our opponent matches up against us tactically (because it is).

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