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Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge

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7 hours ago, ImARam2 said:

Whenever I had to go overseas to work and live (over 24 years), I carried a NHS Vaccination Certificate, and later an Innoculation Record, which was issued by a private medical company called IHG, and I've still got them.

The NHS Certificate shows that I had the TAB (typhoid and paratyphoid A&B), followed by the Cholera jabs, in March and May 1983, respectively.

The IHG records shows that I had the Menengitis A&C jabs in June 1988; TAB 1&2 in Sept. 1988 and Cholera in November 1988.

Later on whilst I was with an international oil company, it was mandatory that I had the booster jabs for Polio, Typhoid, Yellow Fever and Cholera, which were all administered in March; May & September 2003, respectively.

In 2019, when I went out to India, and I had a further jabs for Yellow Fever and Typhoid.

And, I can assure you, if you ever wish to work and live in the Middle East or Asian countries, you will not be able to do so without all or most of the above vaccines.

Now, by carrying these certificates and records, where does it have any impact on my civil liberties? The conspiracy theories that the younger generation have in their heads just astound me and they have certainly had sheltered lives.

This would make some vague sense were the people's concerns based around crossing borders. Perhaps if you re-read what these sheltered younger folk have posted, you'll grasp that that is not the case. Frankly I'm astounded that older generations seem so oblivious to the degree of state sponsored snooping already in place, let alone the most likely future roadmap. The debate, after all,  is around increased erosion of privacy and the slippery slope that can become and not just in terms of state sponsored intrusions, as other posters have already alluded to.

For example... It's undisputed (by the agencies themselves) that the NSA and our own GCHQ have all our social media the fallout from which is blithely disregarded by those whose lives remain unimpacted and understandably so. Not so much for any friend or family member of an individual attending the wrong Mosque, however. Perhaps a more telling example still would be the White House chosen app for encrypted messaging, Confide (also a big favourite in the criminal underworld) which was routinely monitored despite offering a level of encryption that Trump's administration proudly boasted as being 'unbreakable'.

Returning to vaccination passports, my guess would be that there will be no physical card save for those who do not own a mobile phone. If it's just a piece of paper akin to the certs I've had for travel to Africa, the Far East, etc, all well and good, but I'd wager it will not be. If you are unable to see how potentially dangerous this could be, then perhaps it's older folk like yourself who have lived sheltered lives. Frankly, I find your assumption that everyone who views this differently to your good self, based only on your scarcely relevant business travel, rather silly. I'd wager that the younger generations are a deal more clued up, from a technology standpoint, than their grandparents and far more aware of the dangers that ubiquitous or forced uptake of certain technologies can present. I hope that you never encounter any issues arising from such things, but I can assure you that the dangers are very real nonetheless. 

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1 minute ago, 1of4 said:

Yep. The football comparison is probably not the best thing to use. Especially with the amount of own goals the government have conceded.

I stopped watching the briefings a while ago but when I heard about Jean Claud Van Tam's latest analogy today, my next thought was that we'd never actually reach 90 minutes with him!!!

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