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The more I read and hear about Pearson’s time here, and him as a person, the more I wish he’d been given more of a chance.

I think the squad needed a reset but it was going to take time, and we would certainly be better off than we are now. Easy to say in hindsight I know because we were properly terrible at the start of that season. 

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I just used LinkedIn and among the first things I saw Nigel "Nige" Pearson looking at me and telling how he'll do his all to improve BCFC, a proud, progressive club.

Initial thought was "duck me, what is this parallel dimensions? Is this Star Trek and I'm suddenly on the side of the evil? And when have we connected?"

Then I realised it was just my former player congratulating him. Most likely they have done some badges together. Phheww.

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41 minutes ago, DarkFruitsRam7 said:

Ahem, may I direct you to:

On 21/02/2021 at 21:00, Millenniumram said:

In fairness, he’ll probably do a decent job at this level galvanising Bristol in the short term. They’ve got a good squad to work with. A lot depends on the coaches he has with him, but if they’re the right ones, I think that’s a good appointment and they won’t be joining us in the relegation fight.


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