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Derby v Huddersfield match day thread.

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17 minutes ago, jcidaho said:

When was the last time Waggers scored in open play, pre covid or pre Brexit?

23rd of feb 2021 AD a few days after a Rover 216 I GL  landed on Mars complete with velour upholstery  🤣

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4 minutes ago, LincsRam said:

I'm sorry but he scored a goal, his first outfield goal since October, that doesn't vindicate him, he has been dog poo and apart from the goal he scored he has done duck all.

I hope he plays well and keeps doing it to prove me wrong, I would love him to get a hat trick but cant see it.

Lets not take away from my joy at being 2-0 up but we have not played well against a team which is bereft of confidence.

How are they bereft of confidence? did they not win 4-1 on the weekend?

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