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Watford v Derby, Friday 19th February

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2 minutes ago, B4ev6is said:

That goal should stood but we shall fight on tuesday against huddersfield town.

But I am pround of the lads they gave everything in the end.

It Is a shame that Richard's goal could be restored and got that or all 3 points.

Well thankfully we won’t have any ex players to score against us ....... oh erm 

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Don't feel too bad about that. Had a feeling we were in for a morale-crushing hammering when they scored the second, but the difference in the end was just a couple of high-quality players. Shows up our lack of quality and creativity in midfield and pace and threat out wide. I like Knight/Bird/Shinnie but they aren't going to pick teams apart. Don't understand what Waghorn brings.

Byrne is great. 

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1 minute ago, Edtheram said:

Simple. Waghorn can’t start again for us as he doesn’t have enough quality. 

We don’t seem able to play football but we can fight. Think the finishing formation suited us better.

This, The one were he had 5 seconds to take the ball down in anyway he choose and instead choose to head it aimlessly to a Watford player meant time up for me.  Maybe he'll be more effective with 15 minute cameos. 

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I see a lot of fans saying Roberts was poor but for me he was our only attacking player trying first half. Didnt always come off but id rather he try and lose it than waghorn who passes it back or smashes it over everyones head.

Anyway, back on the game, we lost by 1 goal away to a team that is a Prem team. 1 of Sarr's legs costs more than our starting 11.

Their 1st goal was lucky for them although poor by Knight & Sibley in the build up.

2nd goal, poor defending but looks like Hughes' goal took a deflection off Edmundson which left Marshall flat footed.

Then we had our goal wrongly ruled out, ref was an absolute joke.

We need to go for it more in the last 10 when losing, too much passing around the back. 2nd half performance was improved, better than vs Wycombe. Lets use tonights disappointment in the next 2 big home games vs Huddersfield & Forest.

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Can’t see where we go from here really we have really lost our way again since Bielik injury a whole 90 mins again with 0 shots on target we have an owner that’s given up and no money to spend Bielik out for most of next season 
Not a lot of optimism I’m afraid I hate feeling like this but we are in a real downward spiral ... Buchanan/Sibley probably sold close season 

Max Bird (probably gonna get slated) is nothing more than an ok League 1 standard CDM player I’m still struggling to see where all these glowing reports keep coming from 

Playing Shinnie and Bird together is awfully negative both defensive minded players 

Knight again not doing enough add that to the ineffectual wingers Waghorn and Jozwiak 

Please I could go on need something positive 

Slightly better performance than the first half ? 
Can’t see Rooney being as unhappy with the performance but I’ll finish as I started ZERO shots on target 

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Well, I thought tonight was a free hit,  but still a bit disappointed in the end that we didn't get something out of the game.

I thought we showed some spirit in the second half, although I had a sneaky suspicion Watford were just managing the game and would have had the ability to go up through the gears should they have needed to.

Refereeing went our way against Wycombe but normal service has been resumed tonight. 

Byrne is a lovely player, I was even pleased when he took the booking rather than let Watford break on us! 

We looked a lot better when we got players on the pitch with a bit of attacking intent. 

Thought Waghorn was poor tonight, wasn't impressed with Roberts either but he did put one lovely ball through to Waggy, who should have controlled and scored? 

Buchanan must have been up against the best player he's ever faced, didn't get much support from Waggy, think Jozwiak would have helped him out more.

Sky commentary was appalling, so one-sided. I miss Rams TV when we have to put up with that dross! 

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8 minutes ago, Derbados said:

Ball floats over to Jozwiak with less than a minute to play 5 yards from goal and he controls it and stands still. . . braindead 

He trapped the ball dead, which meant he had to sort his feet, by which time there was a player to go round. Needed the ball to bounce out a yard or two to hit it first time.

it was also considerably further out than 5 yards.

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10 minutes ago, Heisenberg said:

That cameo by Louie Sibley is the exact reason why he doesn’t start more under Rooney.

It is but he is certainly not the only player in that team to give away stupid free kicks. He only came on at 80 mins and there were plenty before that. However also had our best period at the end. Will said so must be true

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