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Watford v Derby, Friday 19th February

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5 minutes ago, roboto said:

Mixed bag of a first half. I actually think we're unlucky to be 2 down. We switched off after their first goal and looked crap for 5-10 minutes. Should've counted that goal from the corner too.

Can't Waghorn pass it without blasting it at full power? We're weak down the left because Buchanan can't get forward and Waghorn isn't a threat on the left. Roberts needs to do more when he has the ball, but it's early days for him yet.

I'd like to see Jozwiak on for Waghorn and Gregory on for probably Bird (which is unfair as he's playing well), but I think we need to go to a direct 4-4-2 and put balls into the box at leas win more corners.

I’d take Bird off. He’s been decent when he’s given the ball but he’s not looking for it, he’s just not.  Is he fit enough? 

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Just now, Pottig said:

No one is saying we'll come back and get anything for sure. But writing off a game that we've been in and had chances in before the end of the first half is sad.

Yes but the factual evidence in front of us is that when we do go behind we lose the game.

I can see what you're saying but you have to understand that people are basing their reactions on historic evidence not on random personal whims. 

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2 minutes ago, Tyler Durden said:

Weird comment given that factually we have yielded nul points from a losing position all season. I'd say that was a realistic skepticism built on past events.

Factually, we've yielded all the points from losing positions buddy. But hey, I'm sure every fecker on the forum gets where you were trying to go with that comment 🙄

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3 minutes ago, Heisenberg said:


The Watford goalie does a really good YouTube vlog (The Cycling GK).

He includes Go Pro footage from inside his goal, so we may get an interesting view of the disallowed goalmouth action, and he may comment on it.

I have enjoyed seeing glimpses of Hughes ... but not happy if he's been trying to get Derby players yellow cards (if that's what happened).

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1 minute ago, AndyinLiverpool said:

If we can get it in the box enough, their keeper looks dodgy. I have my doubts that it could work twice and without reply but 45 mins is a long time.

Don't worry I'm not arguing that we will come back, just that it would be much less of an uphill battle if referees didn't make such blatant errors.

I think Watford still look more likely to get the next goal and that obviously kills the game. It's just another one of those where we won't know what would've happened if a mistake wasn't made. If we did come from 2 down away to a team as good as Watford, then I think the confidence and character shown would be worth much more than the solitary point we would gain. It's so frustrating that half-the-job has been taken away from us so easily like that, that's all.

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