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First Love, Current Love

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Silly subject, but eh lets have a go.

1st love; My Mum (sadly passed away quite a few years ago) She managed to get me Brian Clough's autograph when she spotted him in a Derby supermarket years ago (when he was still Derby Manager).

Current; My wife (because she lets me watch and support the Rams even though she does'nt understand)

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First - Dean Saunders. As a Northern schoolkid, I was proper proud of having the First Division top scorer at our club. Shine came off slightly after Niall Quinn saved a penalty from him 😄

Current - Kazim. Everything about the guy. Cracking player, leader, cool as

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As an ageing Newbie without much rams history

First: Idiakez

present : CKR .. flirting with Byrne when no one is looking 

several one night stands with Bryson and Johnny Russell because he had the best music.  


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3 hours ago, DavesaRam said:

First: Willie Carlin. I was so like him - little, and an all-over the pitch midfielder, only he was good! I took to Archie Gemmill for the same reasons.

Current: Kristian Beilik. The nearest thing to George Thorne in his prime, who should have gone on to play for, and even captain England.

I also had a string of affairs along the way, including Roy MacFarland, Colin Todd, Kevin Hector, Igor Stimac, Inigo Idiakez, Will Hughes, and currently sneaking looks at Louie Sibley and Kaz Joswiack.

This is Derby, not Montecarlo. You don’t have a yacht, Sibbo and Joz are too young and don’t wear bikinis. You’re married for crying out loud. 

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David Nish.... oooooooooooooozed class and should have had about 250 England caps.

Buchannan today although I dont think it will be long before premier league money comes calling... 

The lad will win umpteen England caps.... you read it here first. 

Im also a flirter.... ive made eyes at Charlie George, Robbie Van Der Laan, Igor Stimac, Frank Lampard, and Rooney...

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