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“We threw in the towel” - The 11pt season

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The promotion winning team was one of my favourites of all time. I was 9 at the time and remember vividly the season before with Idiakez, Rasiak and Terry Westley.

The poetry of Idiakez missing the penalty and the likes of Barnes and my favourite player Lupoli filled me with a lot of hope for the season ahead with my grandad placing a bet on Derby to win the league!

My lasting memory of that season is having the home shirt and after 2/3 times wearing it, the badge and all the lettering falling off. Oh and Blackburn away 🏝

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7 hours ago, uttoxram75 said:

Marina, Aqua marina.........♥️

I had her phone number back in the day, I rang her to see if she wanted to go out on a date, Phone rings and it picks up, I was so chuffed, I asked if she wanted to go out for a meal, Excitedly I waited for the reply, And waited and waited...nothing, The Tease 😢

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13 hours ago, MuespachRam said:

It was a perfectly timed tackle, total perfection. 
I’m not saying fagan was any good but without him where would we have been? 
It was a brilliant TEAM managed to perfection by a crazy, paranoid manager. Happy days. 

there was a second tackle by him in that game both worth effectively a goal imo

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14 hours ago, Tyler Durden said:

I don't think Jewell was seduced he clearly was out of a job and wanted a payday with us.

If David Moyes tells you to avoid managing a club then you really should avoid it like the plague. 

If he wasn't seduced and just wanted the job for the money he's kept telling the exact same lie in the exact same way for the past several years in interviews I've read. I never got the impression when he was here that he was here just for the money either, unlike some of the players from that season that I could name. 

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2 hours ago, Leeds Ram said:

I never got the impression when he was here that he was here just for the money either, unlike some of the players from that season that I could name. 

Lol, I doubt any of the players got that much money comparatively. Jimmy's ego probably allowed him to think if he could be a porn star he could be a football manager! 😄

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The 11 point season often gets looked at in isolation, but let’s not forget that we were on the slide from about February onwards from the season before. Billy added so many players to the squad who were probably worse than what was there (Teale, Fagan, Macken, Currie et al) that he began to undo any good work he had done at that point. We blew a lead at the top of the league and gave up about 10 points on Birmingham by the end of the season. A large amount of attention gets put on Jewel for his complete inability to get things under control, but Billy did so much more damage to the club during his tenure. In my opinion there is an argument to be made for him to be classed as the single most damaging manager this club has had, and at the very least he should be held far more accountable for one of the biggest embarrassments suffered in sporting history. 

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I remember this was my first season as a season ticket holder, talk about a baptism of fire. 

No one comes out of it looking good apart from Matt Oakley and Steve Howard who were unceremoniously ditched in January when we would've been better off keeping them for next year. 

I wear that season as a bizarre badge of pride - yeah we were poo, and everyone knew it. But we still turned up and supported the team, even if they probably didn't deserve us to.

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2 hours ago, NottsRam77 said:

For me the writing was on the wall when Billy brought in old and past it Eddie Lewis and cited him to be our “creativity”

He was crap for leeds in league 1 , slow and aging 

well done Billy u tit

I've never felt so crushed in my life when I read the headline in the DET Rams sign full International player then ventured into the suburbs of the literature only to find out it was Eddie Lewis...at that point I knew that we were doomed

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