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Takeover Problems - *PODCAST*

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I didnt get all the way through, too long for what boils down to a lot of speculation and chat from 2 random people. 

But as a podcast I thought it was better produced and the guy's style and conversation was more engaging than many podcasts I have listened to. If they had real information or had someone on I wanted to hear then I would definitely listen. I find football podcasts are generally quite boring so I was pleasantly surprised. 

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12 hours ago, sage said:

I stopped listening when you said we are paying £7m a month in salaries. We aren't even paying a third of that.


You got further than me, I stalled at "We got a statement from the club that the deal will by done by Christmas Eve" & "We then got a statement that it's going to be done by the end of last week", neither of which are true. Maybe I'll try again later.....

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