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Derby v Bournemouth Match Ratings. Deadline 5pm Wednesday

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Roos             7

Byrne            7

Buchanan     7

Evans           7

Wisdom        7

Clarke          8

Bielik            8

Shinnie         9 (MoTM)

Jozwiak        7

CKR              7

Knight           8

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Roos 6 - had little to do first half. Lot of hesitancy second half with an opportunity for Solanke he should have cut out & a near mix up with Wisdom. Redeemed himself with an excellent save from Kelly

Byrne 7 - played well. Lots of threat & interplay down the right - practically played midfield such was the control of the back 3. Had 2 chances - one very good but hit both straight at the keeper

Buchanan 7 - couple of errors misjudging flight of the ball but generally fine defensively. Offered threat down the left & had a glorious chance first half. Good save from their keeper

Evans 8 - thought he was really good. Couple of sensational tackles, managed their attacking threat well in general & looked composed with the ball.

Wisdom 6 - generally fine but too prone to shaky moments. Nearly a major mix up with Roos, shinned one by the post late on also

Clarke 8 - excellent all night. Aerially dominant, great perception & positioning. Think he'll be ready to make the step up to Prem by the end of this season

Bielik 8 MOM - great comeback from a frustrating game last Saturday. His usual composed play in front of the back 4, good in the air, bravery in playing on despite a bad cut first half & excellent reactions to grab the goal

Shinnie 8 - excellent also. He was everywhere - hassling them, making crucial tackles & giving it simple. Key element in securing the result tonight

Jozwiak 7 - worked very hard, some excellent little flicks to release people into space & good link up with Bielik. Set against that though his tame header first half & some weak delivery out wide. Unfortunate with a couple of late runs against their tiring defenders

CKR 7 - didn't see that much of the ball & most of our threat came via our fullbacks but still secured quality when the ball came into his feet or chest. Also worked very hard disrupting late delivery from their defenders

Knight 7 - much better than on Saturday even though not in his favoured position. Crucial to the hard work that disturbed their rhythm, was able to carry the ball & hold possession. Liked his long range attempts even though neither on target - need to see more of that. Still not close enough to CKR for my liking but he must have been exhausted with effort he put in

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Roos - 8 Commanded his box well and 2 points saved with a great save at the end. 

Byrne - 8 One of if not his best game for us. Defensively solid and was an outlet all game. Looked forward rather than backwards more often than not and it made a big difference. 

Buchanan - 8 What an old head on your shoulders. Got beat over the top once that almost led to a goal from the cross but, what an absolute player we have on our hands. His late solo runs down the wind to buy us valuable territory, possession and time were top top class. 

Evans - 8 Played well, again, only got caught out in the first minute then was spot on for us. Brilliant tackle in the box as well. 

Wisdom - 6 Sadly the weak link at the back. Misses header, miss kicks the ball and is out of position too often. Love him to bits but definitely our weak link at the back. 

Clarke - 8 Solid, won loads of headers, covered for Wisdom a lot and a threat going forward as well. 

Bielik -9 This lad is class. One of if not the best midfielder in the championship.  A few passes short on the absolutely crap pitch, but what a player. 

Shinnie - 9 Allows Bielik to do his thing. I think he was man of the match. What a solid foundation he gives you to build off. Our Kante. 

Jozwiak- 7 Needs someone else up front with him as he constantly gets double or tripple teamed because oppositions know he is our main threat. 

CKR - 7 Not as effective tonight and didn’t actually win most of his arial duals. He was knackered from 70 mins though so can’t blame him after that. If we had a replacement  Rooney trusted I’m sure he’d have been subbed. 

Knight - 6 I love Knight but thought he was poor tonight. Ran around as usual and closed down players, but his touch was poor and gave it away too much, his passing was off and offered little going forward where we played him. 

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Roos - 7 - would be 6.5, thought he had some poor moments but that save was world class

Byrne - 9 - My MOTM

Buchanan - 8 - great response to his performance Saturday. Has a great future in the game

Evans - 8 - Excellent performance should start next game for me.

Wisdom - 5 - Really poor game, bailed out by his colleagues on numerous occasions tonight, the only disappointment tonight.

Clarke - 8 - Solid again, with exception of Rotherham continuing his recent good form.

Bielik - 9 - Looked like Rolls Royce that had been shot at in a car chase.  Class performance but was a warrior also. I think he should be captain, massively important player for us

Shinnie - 9 - Alongside Byrne and Bielik as the real stand out performers tonight.

Jozwiak - 7 - Class in abundance but frustrating at times with decision making and carelessness in possession

CKR - 7 - Battled hard

Knight - 7 - Much more like it, non-stop energy, a bit too frenetic and careless in possession at times, like many times this season not playing in his best position and still doing a solid job. 


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10 minutes ago, sage said:

No half marks or zeroes, only the players below and in this order













Roos.........8. Very little to do then pulls off a brilliant save after 78 mins. Does he keep the jersey even after Marshy recovers? Deserves to.

Byrne.......8. This guy is on the way to poty. Should’ve scored; 2 scorable chances.

Buchanan..7. A little untidy at times. Should’ve scored when put clean through. 

Evans.........7. Stylish & classy. Todd-esque tackle in our box & came away with the ball.

Wisdom.....5. Battled but looked at times like a boobey-trap about to go off. Almost scored an og off his backside.

Clarke.......8. Should’ve scored. But an iron man throughout. Back 3 allows him to Beckenbaur up the field.

Bielik.........9. MotM. Match winner. Finished the game looking like a boxer after 12 rounds. An inspiration to those around him. 

Shinnie......8. Machine. Quick & nimble feet and great simplicity. Ran B’mouth into the soggy pitch.

Jozwiak....7. Very nimble. Slipped past markers with ease but tended to fade at the pulling-the-trigger point. 

CKR.........8.Some sublimly-deft touches that belie his bulk. Very selfless team player. Can’t help but love this hugely committed player. 

Knight.....6. Energy personified but somewhat wasted out left. Moved central 2nd half as we battened-down a bit. 

We showed tonight that Rovrum was a blip. This is a hugely energetic side. We will score a bagful once we play with a little less pressure. Fans can help by cutting out the extreme panic when we have an explicable off day. Huge character shown tonight and they deserve huge respect. 

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