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Derby@QPR, Saturday 15.00 hrs.

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1 minute ago, LazloW said:

Really? Didn't think we were that bad. Did our usual trick of starting well, not scoring and letting the opposition come back into it (in both halves).  On the whole, thought it was an OK away performance.  

Yeah not awful, I did mean to say "the worst we will play AND win", i.e. I think we deserved a draw and a loss would have been harsh, but I expect the remainder of the wins this season, however many they may be, to be borne of a better quality of performance.

Not bad.

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4 minutes ago, EtoileSportiveDeDerby said:

Great away performance. Defended well, had one proper chance and made it count. Looks like things are going in the rght direction on the pitch, all that is needed (!) is to sort out the poo off the pitch. Special mention for Young Lee, I cant temember seeing him defending so well on the deck and in the air.

Agree with that apart from the one chance bit. CKR's miss first half was an open goal imo. Just needed to stick his left peg out!

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1 minute ago, DerbyRam! said:

Shout out to Roos, I had him written off. Been excellent last two games, certainly improved. I just hope he can keep it up. I really like Marshall and think still he is by far the best keeper overall, but I don't think it would be right for Roos to lose his spot right now. Tough decisions for Rooney coming up

Roos has always been an excellent shot stopper.  As we all know he can flap at crosses, not been a problem while covering for Marshall.  Possibly to do with the defending.  It’s still there as with the punch in the first half  instead of a simple catch.

Still, there’s no denying the last 6 pts could’ve been 2 if not for some most excellent goalkeeping . COYR🐏🐏

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We started well but Qpr came back into the game after 30 mins and dominated till half time.

Brave switch from Rooney at HT to bring bird on helped us and we’ve ground out a good result despite it not being one of our better performances. Nice move for the goal going through four players.

Buchanan was MOM for me with Byrne having a good game too. Roos made some great saves to keep us ahead!

Everyone else worked hard to grind out a good result that drags us closer to the pack and drags QPR back!

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3 minutes ago, CBRammette said:

Good half time switch around. Made all difference. Well done all. Apparently I have started doing my hair manically in little plaits and moaning under my breathe like a madwoman in the last 15 minutes. And finally whoever ended up paying 3 times for the stream today please can you crowdfund to do same every week. 

Have you now...😉

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5 minutes ago, Tombo said:

Hey x

I was still correct, so not sure what this comment is for? Did you misread what i said? 

We were utter dross in attack for the entire match and my comment still stands - no idea why you were so confident that we'd have a shot on target when we have had numerous games this season with very little attacking threat. We had one chance all match and i am glad you are happy with that, but it isnt good enough. They have once again shown nothing to back your original statement.

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