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Derby@QPR, Saturday 15.00 hrs.

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3 minutes ago, DerbyRam! said:

Can we have this ref every week?

Don't want to take away from the win, but major call on the Kazim handball....all season this has gone against us. Those decisions, like the Jozwiak goal vs forest...offside for Waggy... 

don’t think it was a pen

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3 minutes ago, Old Sawley Popside said:

"Oh Bobby Zamora" indeed.

Back-to-back wins will only breed confidence - a very good collective performance this afternoon.

Lee Buchanan is developing into a fine player.

I feel much better than I did this time last week about the Rams.



Agree it’s a welcome change from takeover Groundhog Day stuff.

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5 minutes ago, Mucker1884 said:

Satisfactory if unspectacular?  Is that about right?

I'll take that for every game from here on in.

... And "The Gap" is reduced to a mere 4 goals scored (in favour of the gumps).  Not a gap at all, really!




One goal gap actually

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13 minutes ago, Tombo said:

In probably double the amount of appearances. How many assists does Whittaker have compared to Joz? How many more chances has Joz created? How much more has Joz contributed to open play? How many Ekstraklasa goals does Whittaker have?

Yet you know all this, and are being unbelievably contrarian and contributing nothing to the discussion about the player.

If you really want to know, both of them should be doing better. I believe most Derby fans agree with this and I hardly think this is due to anyone's nationality.

From WhoScored:

Whittaker: 479 minutes, 1 goal, 1 assist

Jozwiak: 1548 minutes, 1 goal, 3 assists

You're right that they should both be doing better. Probably could have phrased my comment about Jozwiak better. I know a few Derby fans who see Jozwiak through rose-tinted glasses and wouldn't give Whittaker the time of day and it did seem like a valid comparison.

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6 hours ago, Inverurie Ram said:

Lucky sun in the sky today. We managed to beat Birmingham 3-1 with this ref.

I'm sat in a different end for this one in my lucky Sunhouse Crazy On The Weekend T-Shirt.

I can feel all your love for the club amongst the chaos. C'mon Mr Evans I believe in you and the lads.

Hit them hard like a Hurricane.


I'm enjoying a crazy Saturday night in a different end singing my head off with my lucky Sunhouse Crazy On The Weekend T-Shirt now off and I'm swinging it above my head.

I love Derby County Football Club.

D..C.F.C. Love, Life & Unity.

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GET THE DUCK IN!!! Superb result that, and absolutely vital in the relegation dogfight. Finally got a win against one of the teams around us! You could argue we were a bit fortunate, given the chances QPR created and we got away with a couple of officiating decisions, but I think we’ve deserved that luck after some other games this season. We dug in and ground our the result through sheer hard work, which is what you have to do in our position. 

Credit to Rooney as well today for showing he can impact a game mid way through. The 3-4-3 turned out to be the wrong tactics at the start of the game, but he reacted well and made the early change to 4-3-3 at half time, which probably won us the game.

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10 minutes ago, Tombo said:

Probably the worst we'll play this year and get 3 points

Still counts 

Really? Didn't think we were that bad. Did our usual trick of starting well, not scoring and letting the opposition come back into it (in both halves).  But, on the whole, thought it was an OK away performance.  Obviously lots of room for improvement, but that goes without saying really considering where we are.

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