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Derby@QPR, Saturday 15.00 hrs.

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4 minutes ago, Jourdan said:

Wow, what a massive win this could be.

It puts all the pressure on Rotherham and Sheff Wed.

Even if Rotherham do get results in their games in hand, we could drag 4-5 teams into danger with this result.

Let’s grab a second and make things interesting.

Please don't - I am in line for possibly my first correct prediction of the season in the Mozza league and I need the points to cement my Div 5 status..........🤣

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Sith Happens
1 minute ago, DavesaRam said:

So moving your hand away from the ball before it hits us still a peno is it? He could have given it!

could easily have been given, had it been the other way round I'd be moaning about EFL and brown envelopes 😜

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1 minute ago, Tombo said:

And yet, Johnny Russell with the anglophone name had years and years of patience from fans. If his name was Jan Ruzliak would he have had that much time?

See, I can point to completely irrelevant "what if" questions too

I think Russell would be liked whatever his nationality. Fans have shown Jozwiak a lot of patience - don’t think Morgan Whittaker has had the same respect despite having scored the same number of goals for the first team.

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Two great defensive headers from young Lee. Pretty sure he started off as a CB and he's freakishly good in the air considering he's not the tallest lad.

Massive break for us there. Definite pen so no complaints today. About time we got the rub of the green though. Would have been a horrible break.

Lads need to stay focused and not start to defend too deep. Long way to go yet. As QPR seek an equaliser there be chances to break upfield and we need to stay alert should a chance present itself.

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Sith Happens
1 minute ago, ariotofmyown said:

Exactly. Who knows if that should be a pen as the rules are terrible. Why should that so-called offence ever mean the opposition deserve a free shot at goal.

something something about unnatural position of arm or something. 

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