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George "Bobby Moore" Evans

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1 hour ago, Coconut said:

Saw the whole game, can't actually remember this tackle!

Is it on the twitters?

I assume it's when their fella dribbled into the box, and George just waited and took it off his toe cleanly and waltzed away?

Probably smashed it straight out of play mind, I was too busy searching Bobby Moore clips to notice!

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11 hours ago, sage said:

I thought Shinnie's when they were breaking was even better. 

Good shout

It was good and possibly harder in the melee of the middle of the park

But for pure sweetness and precision in the box - I think Georges just tips it

(and it did look like Bobby Moore's aka the best tackle of all time)

(and we had Kelle 'Gordon Banks' Roos as well )


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12 hours ago, DCFC27 said:

Genuinely looked a totally different player. He has certainly put some muscle on he looked stockier today and he dominated well in the air when called upon. He plays well as part of a three man defence. 

Been thinking about it some more and we/he has the perfect training partner to work on his weaknesses.

If Rooney wants to turn him into a proper centre half, they should put him up against CKR every training session; ideal prep for the Troy Deeney’s of this division that would make him look uncomfortable.

Agree though, playing in a 3 does seem to suit.

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On 27/08/2020 at 15:05, Leicester Ram said:

Still think his performance away at Bristol City under Lampard was one of the best games anyone had that season.

Was effectively a play-off game with how the table lined up and he gets dragged on 15/20 minutes in when Tomori goes off injured. We spend the majority of the game on the back foot, having our goal peppered and soaking up a lot of pressure. Evans didn’t flinch, he was immense defensively and played like he was 10 foot tall. Don’t think he played much again that season but there’s a good chance we wouldn’t have even made the playoffs (let alone got to Wembley) if we’d lost that game and he was our MOTM.

Has been solid whenever he’s come in and it says a lot that he kept his place over Curtis Davies for so long when Wisdom was sidelined. That Bristol game I’ve just spoke about like a heroic event from Greek mythology is clearly an outlier but he puts in reassuring performances more often than not. It sounds weird but he’s an elite bench bench player. The human embodiment of a C+ and I love it. 

Good signing.

He does this, he'll come in to the team unexpectedly once/twice a season and put in a 9/10 performance. You'll think bloody hell maybe he should play more often and then you'll see him get a start in the aftermath of his heroics where he looks like a right lemon.

Might start some more games if we stick with three at the back. Woudn't be surprised if we did because getting Buchanan and Byrne forwards covers up the fact we have no fit/competent attackers available at the moment.

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17 minutes ago, jimbo jones said:

As much as I enjoyed it, apparently it wasn’t  even deemed worthy of even the extended highlights put out by the club. Scandalous.

Come on @Owen87ITK, please post a clip of that tackle. Maybe alongside the Bobby Moore 1970 world cup one for comparison.

It was just a great moment at a very difficult time for the club and everyone and should be celebrated. Thanks 🐏

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