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Oh good lord no. How many chances has this lad had? We need players that can come in and contribute, not a player that has left a trail of clubs in his wake without actually producing anything of note on a football pitch since he was a teenager. 

This smacks of a panic signing from a poorly run club with very limited options.

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1 hour ago, Anag Ram said:

Despite the fact he has a despicable past?

He never stays anywhere long and we don’t need that type of disruption.

On the other hand at least if he's crap he'll move on, unlike say Anya!

ps what's his despicable past?

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I think Den Haag were complimentary about his attitude etc, maybe like the article says he just wants to come back and play in the UK?

There are a few similarities with CKR in terms of a lot of clubs, never really settled anywhere and rumours of a bad attitude.

Rooney knows him from his time at United so will know what sort of personality the lad has. In terms of quality, is he better than what we have, definitely. He is the sort of attacking mid that we need.

We are 2nd bottom, not sure what sort of player fans think the club will be able to entice in this position as well as not paying wages. Pritchard is already meant to have turned us down for this reason.

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