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2 minutes ago, kevinhectoring said:

I would have been very sceptical until yesterday seeing a 19 year old wearing the armband in a critical game.

That was strange. Put unnecessary pressure on knight who had his worst game of the season.

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I can't see him coming back but id have him back in an instant. Best centre back we've had and still better than what we currently have. Can bring the ball out of defence rather than clarke & wisdom passing in square to each other. Probably miss him as a leader. On reflection we probably shouldn't have sacked him. Easy to say now but i think it upset the team quite a bit.

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51 minutes ago, RoyMac5 said:



Shows how clueless fans can be of other teams players, they don’t always know a lot about.

He would be more than a good addition to them or Coventry, even allowing for an odd ricket.

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7 hours ago, Red Ram said:

Would love to see him back here if he's even 80% of the player he was but it won't happen

I’d like him back but I wonder if there is any ill feeling between him and Lawrence.

For me, the simple solution would be to say adios to Lawrence (if there was any agg) as I believe we’d get more of a positive contribution from Keogh. 

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