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I  Watched Dickinson real deal other day a lady sold her husbands old football programmes for £4200 after being offered £150 by a dealer. I was amazed at the amount of bidders even the auction house could not believe it.


You could have a very good investment. Bear in mind she may had some rare programmes in the collection.

The programmes sold I think were 50s early 60s

Good luck as always DYOR

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On 16/01/2021 at 21:28, swansea ram said:

Does anyone collect football programmes anymore.

I don't mean just Derby ones, but programmes in general.

It's just i'm now going to try and sort mine out and count them now we are all on lockdown.

I guess i got about 25000+ so plenty to do.

I used to have a small collection of mainly 1950s programmes but they were thrown out by accident. I don't really like to think about it now. One good thing came out of it and that is I am now paranoid about backing up photos and data.

How do you store all those programmes and what do you intend to do with them? As someone has already pointed out you would get more money auctioning them than going to a dealer. You could create a nice website by displaying scanned copies of your programmes.


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